Work With Barb

Hello beautiful.

I know. You’ve checked so many boxes. You’ve achieved so much and you spin those plates so masterfully. And yet you feel trapped in an endless conflict between a kick-ass career and your utter lack of control and freedom.

So what do you do?

Well, high-achieving women like us try to wrestle life into “working.”

We push. We accomplish. We spin that hamster wheel faster and faster striving to be the best… well….everything! The best executive, biz owner, partner, parent, colleague, community activist, meal-planner, yogi, friend…

And secretly we begin to notice the cracks in our superwoman cape… that this isn’t sustainable. (And truthfully, this isn’t meeting our needs anyway). But how? How to have an extraordinary career that meets so many needs without sacrificing all of your other values?

There is a solution…

The good news is...

You’re already smart. Savvy. Focused, and accomplished. If anyone can learn to live a high-performance life while breaking the cycle of burnout and sacrifice, you can.

You just might need a little help.

Our Coaching Program…

With 23 years as an Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, along with an MA in Spiritual Psychology, I’ve culled the best of the human potential movement, neuroscience, soul-centered education, leadership development, holistic wellness, and positive psychology, and rolled it into an unparalleled program of change.

Our system is purposeful and proven, getting to the heart of how today’s women find themselves increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed, and resentful.

The key to awakening the actualized, integrated woman and leader within you is our time-tested, 6 Pillar Framework for Personal Mastery.

With an uncompromising commitment to these 6 tenets, you’ll develop the unwavering confidence and personal power to enjoy massive career success and a rich, rewarding, outside-of-work life – without compromising one for the other.

I am your mentor. Your muse. Your challenger, confidante and champion.

Coaching is deeply transformational, but it’s also very tangible. You’ll take on inspiration-driven commitments and action steps. We’ll track, measure, and evaluate to assure you’re developing the toolbelt to become fearless in your self-advocacy.

I’ll know when to push you further, slow you down, speed you up and reroute you to surmount anything.

The magic begins the moment you say YES to yourself.

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