About Us

Barb Wade Coaching, LLC, is an expert coaching and training company that empowers high-performing, professional women to no longer settle for around-the-clock hours, poor boundaries, burnout, and self-sacrifice, but rather live vibrant, balanced lives with ample time and energy for relationships, health, personal priorities, and happiness.

Isn’t that what you’re working so hard for in the first place?

Our foundational program and paradigm is built upon 23+ years of study and training in the best thought leadership from the human potential movement, neuroscience, spiritual psychology, leadership development, holistic wellness, and positive psychology.

We know all too well the detriments of being in survival mode, with so many accomplishments to show for yourself, but underneath worrying about how long you can keep this up without crumbling. We can assure you there’s a better way – a better way to maintain or even increase your career success while living a vibrant and holistically balanced life.

We offer courses, live trainings, and personal coaching to high-octane women from around the globe.

Our clients learn to speak their truth  *  claim their seat at the table  *  be deeply present with loved ones without distraction  *  prioritize their well-being consistently & sustainably    no longer sublimate their needs  *  exude confidence and self-advocacy at work  *  recommit to deeply-felt passions  *  protect their recreation & downtime  *  stop worrying about what others think  *  and to crush it in career by working smarter.

More about Barb...

I was always a go-getter. Upon finishing my studies in psychology from Tufts and Oxford Universities, I did the crazy thing – went to Hollywood and became an actor on a prime-time NBC TV Series. First job out of the gate. 

More roles ensued, but the more I worked, the more I realized my brain would be of better use behind the camera. I became a studio executive, working for Paramount, Disney, and eventually running a division of the new movie studio, DreamWorks. From there, I was promoted to SVP’ing two dot.com companies at Bill Gross’s Idealab.

Wild success followed by anyone’s standards… but so did depletion, burnout, and round-the-clock stress.

I wanted career success for sure, but I wanted to lead sustainably, with integrity and heart. I also wanted to stay true to my personal life commitments – which included marriage and children, physical health, rich friendships, and other creative and meaningful endeavors.

I feverishly began studying the tenets of the most respected luminaries in the arenas of peak performance, inspired leadership, boundaries, and balance.

This material was so game-changing that I decided to dedicate my life to it! I went back to grad school for an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and spent years studying with extraordinary coaches, mentors, psychologists, and in transformational certifications from which I have developed my philosophy, methodology, and unparalleled program of change.

Imagine ascending with authority in your career, while weaving a life of significance, fulfilment, and beautiful balance.

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