As a result of coaching with Barb, I’m starting to discover the origins of my fears and biases, and the deeper motivations behind certain behaviors that weren’t serving me. I love the way she balances empathy and accountability—she is gentle, but NOT easy! She pushes me to question why I think, feel, say and do things, and guides me to author a different path forward on my own terms. 

It almost feels like we are approaching my psyche as though it’s an archeological site—making discoveries as we excavate, developing new theories based on what we find, and erecting new, stronger structures that still honor the original framework. I’m gaining a sense of self-assuredness that I’ve long longed for—a belief that no matter what happens, I will always have everything I need to feel safe! I’ve done therapy, seminars, retreats, etc., but this is the first time that I’m not tempted to hide from the work, and that’s a testament to Barb’s fluid and accepting approach.


SVP of Training and Communication
Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

It was time to stop saying I wanted certain things when my actions and choices were not aligning with those things. I had to get honest with myself, and Barb provided a firm but loving “container” in which to face this duality… I couldn’t stop my pattern of running / avoidance until I faced my pattern of running / avoidance. Excavating this led to my being able to release the triggers that would set me off, and instead stay calm, present, and grounded in terms of making mindful and conscious decisions.

ivy Slater

Women-Owned Biz / Corporate Sales Teams Coach
Slater Success Coaching

Women-Owned Biz / Corporate Sales Teams Coach
Slater Success Coaching

Barb Wade is the consummate professional in this generation. She is passionate about her clients’ success, warm, insightful, practical and focused. Barb envisions the big picture and walks the client through the tedious and tiresome parts of the process, encouraging the client each step of the way. The best take away when I was feeling utterly overwhelmed by the convergence of professional and personal challenges: “You have a very full plate!” Sounds simple…but Barb’s ability to break it down, to reframe and to remain positive when I struggled with meeting the next challenges in my life kept me moving forward.


Mediator and Collaborative Attorney
Horberg Collaborative Law

Barb Wade is definitely an A+ player in every way. I have worked with her for many years and have recommended several people who agree she is exceptional at greatly improving your life. Emotional health is the most important aspect of a living a fantastic life and developing the courage to make empowered changes that really make a difference – as I did in my career advancement, for example. Barb understands how to get to the root of the issue and help you come through whatever challenges you have in a loving and compassionate way. Her knowledge, experience, expertise and incredible ability to connect with people are extraordinary. She definitely walks her talk.


Managing Director
Clear Edge Partners

I hired Barb because my work life was not working. I had built a business only to realize that I was completely trapped and had become a slave to my company. Plus despite that I love what I do and I know that it is my calling, I found myself completely burnt out. Barb lovingly showed me that she related to my experience and that my life didn't have to be this way – that I could have and most importantly deserve to have an ideal life.

Within one year working together we created my highest grossing year up to that point while reducing my total clients by 50% and my working hours by 20 a week. Barb helped me see more of my value, charge fees that were more in line with my actual worth, set healthy boundaries, take risks and design more of what I truly wanted for myself. She is a smart, kind, skilled, loving coach who will challenge you, hold you accountable, call you on your BS, and give you a kick in the pants when needed. She will serve you and not “please” you. I highly recommend Barb if you want to take your work to the next level.


Executive Coach / Consultant
The Complete Coach

I am one of those men who don’t tend to ask for help, yet as a results oriented type, there are times when someone on the outside analyzing and challenging ones thoughts and actions is invaluable. Barb is focused on solutions, not on booking future sessions, so we got down to business without delay. She is a strategic and intuitive thinker whose approach is not a “one size fits all”. Instead she quickly recognized that I needed practical career guidance, tactical language and not “how does that make you feel”. In my case that meant changing my internal dialog and external presentation when interacting with and prospecting for new clients. 

The strategies I learned from Barb are still working today with my career continuing on an upward trajectory. On top of this, Barb is truly nice and caring human being! Whether for personal or professional reasons, I must give Barb Wade my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to elevate to their maximum potential.

Scott greer

Film & Television Composer
Zeno Speaks Music

I can no longer recognize the old me. I had no excuses left after my introductory call with Barb; she met every thing I’d been looking for in a coach, and I’m so glad I said yes. Now that we’re underway, not only does she understand what I'm trying to accomplish (more than me at times), she sees beyond what my limited mind can imagine. Barb’s keen ability to address where I had kept myself stuck has been a game-changer. Within five months of working with Barb, what was a hobby became a revenue-producing business. I got accepted into an elite certification program in my field, and joined a global team. I made significant progress on my book, and I had taken on new clients and exciting speaking and training opportunities that align with my mission… No one word could describe Barb, but if you made me, I’d say Value, Value, and more Value.


Coach, Speaker, and Author
Abby Havermann Coaching

When others notice real shifts in you as a person, it’s hard not to feel the energy or excitement that comes from such a validation. And this is so much more meaningful to me than the validation I’d always gotten from my “achievements.” The self-worth I have cultivated from coaching with Barb has set the foundation for attaining the peace and happiness in my life I have been searching and searching for. And I’m achieving the things that I now know are coming from my TRUE desires rather than what I believed was expected – and that ain’t bad either!

Cheryl Simon

Founder and Lead Consultant
The Simon Advisory Group

I came to Barb with struggles in both internal conversations with myself (primarily around worthiness and self-advocacy) as well as needing support in growing an authentic business. Initially, Barb helped me make a significant shift in my life that was a HUGE turning point in my own self-confidence, all while navigating a program launch, a book launch, and all the marketing/sales that comes with those huge endeavors. 

Today, I am an established entrepreneur with a successful and thriving business with a healthy workload that provides me ultimate flexibility so I can prioritize my growing children, travel, hobbies, etc. I am very financially comfortable, have awesome relationships, and ALWAYS prioritize fun. And internally, so much has changed – I know how to stay accountable to my truth, advocate for myself, meet my needs, set healthy boundaries, choose courage over fear, and more. This essential foundation is the basis for all my external successes. I love Barb’s balance of supporting both the more tactical/strategic side of life, with the more intuitive and spiritual side. So grateful to have Barb in my life!


The Cheerful Mind, Inc. 

Through Barb’s gentle and clear guidance combined with some powerful process work she facilitated, “trust” became my mantra for this past year. It sounds simple but it was much deeper and more profound… quite radical actually. It began infiltrating everything in my life and I found myself working happier, knowing that it’s not all “life or death” and… lo and behold, business didn’t suffer. In fact, I hit some pretty big “bests.”


Owner and Founder
Ecstatic Intimacy

Easiest way to put it, I was completely stuck and unhappy. Even though I had a prestigious background, I struggled with stress, emotions, concern about how I was perceived, lack of clarity about what I truly wanted, and an inability to slow down and discover my “real” self. Barb became the spoke of my wheel, weaving together various aspects of my life that needed attending to.

Together, we tackled each problem or stuck point. I began to develop true self-confidence. I became willing to take risks that had previously eluded me. I learned to process feelings and turn them into constructive forward action. Now, no more white-knuckling life -- I finally wake up and look forward to my day.

Barb is also incredibly disarming and promotes a safe and open relationship between a coach and client from which they can collaborate on meaningful work. This safety allows Barb to dig in and help re-wire what thinking might be “off” on the inside, and genuinely create and oversee a plan which, for me, resulted in a lot of measurable positive changes. I’ll stay on “maintenance” with her indefinitely, so I can attend to new challenges and adventures that arise with confidence and clarity.


Marketing Operations Manager

Even more important was the progress I made in my mission and powerful focus. We started with exploring the “big why” for my business, which was based on who I am personally and how I want to show up in the world. This deeper work started showing up in my marketing and services, and even transformed how I run my programs. For me, it all started with working with Barb on my clarity, focus, and authenticity.


Business Coach / Consultant
Small Fish Business Coaching

Before coaching I felt like my mind was racing. I needed help clarifying my vision of what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, and how I wanted to do it. I would highly recommend Barb and the coaching process to my friends. She is compassionate, patient, realistic and enthusiastic. I often changed directions during our coaching process and Barb moved right along with me but not without giving me some things to think about so that my changes weren't based on fear or too much uncertainty.

My biggest hang-up was worrying about all the future 'what ifs' and Barb was great about keeping me grounded and focused on just the next 3' toss. I definitely learned to make decisions based on trust that everything would work out in the end, and I also like that Barb made solid suggestions and observations and actually helped me process my thoughts. Following the trust enabled me to quit my job and take a break so that I completely clear my mind and gain more clarity about what I want in life.


Marketing Automation Specialist

Barb Wade coached me through a work-life transition. The skills and frameworks I learned play out in many scenarios and challenges professionally and personally.  I continue to utilize tools she introduced. I feel energized as I head into the next phase of my life.


Branch Manager/VP Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Branch Manager/VP Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Working with Barb has been amazing and such a blessing. Barb has helped me launch my first, super successful online program ($49k!), and reimagine my business, so I can work fewer hours, make more money and be much happier. Additionally, she has helped me learn to navigate my personal challenges with more grace, encouraged me to let go of my inner critic and figure out what I really need, and helped me to learn how to be gentler with myself. I could NEVER have achieved what I did in such a short amount of time without her brilliance, unwavering support, and the partnership she has formed with me. ! 

If you are looking for a guide to help you personally and/or professionally, there is NO ONE BETTER than Barb Wade. Your future self is calling… reach out to her!

Dr. Kimberly Miller

Police / Public Safety Psychologist

Another key paradigm shift for me was learning to evaluate myself and my efforts based on who I am choosing to be, what I am choosing to do, and not to allow my worth or value to be dictated by anything else… As a result of embracing this, I have more love, respect and peace within myself and therefore toward everyone I interact with regardless of “circumstances” — and there is no doubt in my mind that Barb has been at the helm of this journey as a true catalyst for my inner transformation over the last year.


Owner/Life Strategist
Inner Spark Consulting

The things that hold me back in my personal life are present in my business life as well. In stepped Barb… brilliantly navigating the path toward not only my successful business, but also toward a deeper more connected relationship with myself, my dreams, my desires, my fears, and my authenticity than I had ever experienced before. Without Barb’s love, support, persistence, tenacity, and compassion, I don’t know when, if ever, I would have found the strength, the courage necessary to go after these things, let alone the belief that I could have them. And now I do!


Chief Transformation Officer
Kathy Citera Coaching

I’ve been with Barb 5 years now, and keep happily renewing. After many introspective processes that have utilized my intuition and finally taken fear out of the equation, I am brought to clarity again and again. It has been so empowering for me to make powerful choices and stick to them — using tools to fortify my resolve around what’s right for ME and not second-guess, as I usually would have. The thing that strikes me most about this work has been recognizing how much of my success, or lack thereof, goes on ‘between my ears.’ Yet at the same time, Barb and I have worked on the concrete external strategy, too, to get my life and business where I’ve dreamt it to be. I now make multiple-six-figures a year based on Barb’s direct feedback and mentorship.


Business Coach for RDNs, Functional Medicine, & Health Pros
Lesli Bitel Coaching

Barb is worth her weight in gold. Not only did the items I set out to complete for my business get accomplished, the way I talked to myself transformed into a much grander self-loving, encouraging and supportive voice. I previously knew myself as a go-getter, up for pretty much any challenge, but I wouldn’t necessarily have described my relationship with myself as tender or compassionate. Harnessing this sweet part of myself has been instrumental in staying on track and also being willing to attempt new stretches and bigger goals. While I am no longer feeling discouraged, I'm also not afraid of those types of occasional human feelings getting the best of me.

Barb gets it. She's not just a great coach, she's able to lead, contribute and give guidance from her own first-hand experience. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Barb.


Founder and CEO
A-19 Artisan Ceramic Lighting

Barb helped me to champion myself, recognizing that my voice wanted to be heard, and supported me in developing the courage to speak. I learned that the nervous energy I’d feel was letting me know how important my vision really was, and I learned to embrace it, rather than to shrink. I know now that every time I get that feeling, it’s a gift from my soul, telling me I’m on the right track.


Director, Clinical Programming
Bēkn Wellness

Director, Clinical Programming
Bēkn Wellness