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Work With Barb

Isn’t It Time For A New Chapter?

I know. You’ve checked so many boxes. You’ve achieved so much and you spin those plates so masterfully. And yet you feel trapped in an endless conflict of everything pulling at your time and energy.

You may be realizing that despite outside success, secretly you’re feeling stuck, over your head, lacking confidence, and even paralyzed in your career or home life.

You may be yearning to be more effective, to step further into your personal leadership, make a bigger contribution, and feel more purpose.

These desires aren’t just a pipe dream or “coaching jargon.”  What is the point of living if we aren’t fulfilled?  If we don’t experience joy, productivity, or aliveness?  If we’re building our lives based on others’ expectations rather than our own internal compass?

With 23 years as an Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, along with an MA in Spiritual Psychology, I’ve culled the best of the human potential movement, neuroscience, soul-centered education, leadership development, holistic wellness, and positive psychology, and developed it into a purposeful and proven framework. The primary focus of our work is to:
  • develop a confident understanding of who you truly are
  • determine what you authentically want most, personally and professionally
  • take ownership of the thoughts, narratives, and influences that have been running your life
  • move into consistent and inspired action aligned with your commitments.

This is Personal Leadership.

There are 6 Essential Pillars of this framework we’ll explore together: 

    Direction & PurposeDefining your vision and the meaning behind your goals
    Self-Awareness Recognizing your patterns, influences, strengths, and blind spots
    Flexible MindsetBeing adaptable in your beliefs, interpretations, and perspectives 
    Emotional IntelligenceUnderstanding and managing your feelings and responses
    Fierce ResponsibilityOwning your role in your circumstances and ability to make change 
    Vitality & Well BeingChoosing consistent self-care practices to fuel your gas tank.
Mastery in these areas is the ticket to unbounded success – on your terms — in your career and personal life.
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I am your mentor. Your muse. Your challenger, confidante, & champion.

Ours is a generative space for reflection, invention, and growth. I’ll know when to push you further, slow you down, speed you up and reroute you.

My style is warm and our relationship is one of trust and implicit confidentiality. But I’ll tell it to you straight, too. (Of course it serves no one for your fears to be indulged). We’ll challenge your internal blocks and discover the truth behind what appear to be “real” obstacles that are, in fact, illusions.

You’ll be held to risk-taking and follow through, accountable to yourself and me to stretch out of your comfort zone and claim the brass ring in your career and personal life.

Confidently. Unapologetically. Joyfully.

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