You. Me. Now. One-on-one.

Although I often lead small coaching groups and masterminds, online webinars and trainings, as well as 1-day and 3-day live events, I believe that the quickest and most effective path to transformation is 1:1 private coaching.


That’s where we can do the deepest, most profound work together.

You see, it doesn’t seem to matter our level of achievement or the specific circumstances we face in life – the most essential human relationship we have is the one with ourselves. Sadly, many of us don’t have a very healthy or empowered internal relationship and there seems to be an epidemic in our culture of self-judgment, self-doubt, and thinking that who we are, and our inherent worth, is directly connected to what we do, the money we make, the status of our relationships and family, the appearance of our body, the size of our home, the number of achievements we’ve produced, the opinions people hold of us, or any other number of external factors.

But this is a lie. A BIG, FAT lie, actually. barbofficeMy life’s work is supporting others in recognizing what has been “masquerading” as the truth, and to setting them on fire around the truth of what they really want. Of who their authentic self really is. Of cultivating a relationship with themselves that is one of love and advocacy, not criticism and comparing. And from there, to embody this strength and vibrancy as they reclaim buried dreams (or create new ones), let go of what’s been sabotaging them, and achieve a life of success (as THEY define it), fulfillment, and meaning.

Here are just some of the results you can create from working with me:

  • A wild adventure of self-discovery
  • Getting crystal clear on YOUR priorities
  • Busting the anxiety and stress cycle
  • BIG life changes that light you up
  • Unbounded self-love and self-worth
  • Renewed confidence and chutzpah
  • An extraordinary bump in your career success
  • Achieving those dreams you never thought possible
  • Uncorked creativity and raging optimism
  • A deep, loving, committed relationship
  • Becoming your own best advocate, speaking your truth
  • Dramatically healed relationships with kids, folks, and partners
  • Powerful intuition to guide your decisions
  • Banishing that “inner critic”
  • Astonishing increases in income
  • Living and working with meaning and purpose

You deserve nothing less.

Intrigued?  I invite you to explore the extraordinary transformation coaching will bring to your life.

I work with clients all over the world via phone and Skype so reach out and let’s talk.

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