With the impending inauguration of our incoming President here in the United States of America, the topic of “Freedom” has been heavily in the zeitgeist, to say the least.

And while we have many definitions of this incomparably critical thing, this freedom – like freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to be treated fairly and respectfully regardless of our color, gender, or sexual orientation – there are so many ways of our OWN making that we are still not free.

When my self-worth is beholden to what you think of me, am I free?  

When my self-love is dependent on the size and shape of my body, am I free?

 When I see things as happening “to” me as an unwitting victim, am I free?

 When I say certain things because I know you will approve, am I free?

 When I judge myself in comparison to you, am I free?

This list could go on and on.

Sadly, we keep ourselves in our own cages most of all.

For years I certainly did. And in looking back, it was nothing short of insane. I achieved everything I set my mind to – graduated Summa cum Laude, became an early executive at DreamWorks, even starred on prime-time television – but I wasn’t remotely free.

Fortunately for me, the disillusionment forced me into some counseling… (“No matter what I achieve, why am I so afraid?”)… and thus began the journey of claiming myself and my rights.

I call this “the path of Self-Advocacy.”

What would it take, this year, for you to become a passionate advocate for YOU?

Speaking what’s true for you even in the face of dissent. Fiercely loving your imperfect self. “Un-hitching” your self-worth from outside opinions so that you can take the risk of going after what you truly want?

That’s the dance I’m in, folks.

I’ll be exploring many of these topics with you as the year unfolds. The way we think, the way we behave, how we get in our own way without realizing it. What trust is. What inspiration is. What love is. What freedom is.

I’m honored to have you join me.

P.S. Oh, and why are you “super-cool?”

Because you’re pretty friggin’ brave to be looking so directly at these things – most people don’t. You’re choosing “the road less taken” by being willing to look at what is no longer working externally – in your life – and internally – in the way you treat yourself.

It’s much easier to stick your head in the sand and live from “yeah, I’m pretty happy… right? I don’t mind that my soul cries at night, I just take an Ambien and that’s that.”

Kind of joking, but not really. So you’re a rockstar. And that’s that.

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