“Barb Wade is definitely an A+ player in every way. I have worked with her for many years and have recommended several people who agree she is exceptional at greatly improving your life. Emotional health is the most important aspect of a living a fantastic life and developing the courage to make empowered changes that really make a difference – as I did in my career advancement. Barb understands how to get to the root of the issue and help you come through whatever challenges you have in a loving and compassionate way. Her knowledge, experience, expertise and incredible ability to connect with people are extraordinary. She definitely walks her talk.”

Christine AdzichManaging Director <br>ClearEdge Partners

“Another key paradigm shift for me was learning to evaluate myself and my efforts based on who I am choosing to be, what I am choosing to do, and not to allow my worth or value to be dictated by anything else…   As a result of embracing this, I have more love, respect and peace within myself and therefore toward everyone I interact with regardless of “circumstances” — and there is no doubt in my mind that Barb has been at the helm of this journey as a true catalyst for my inner transformation over the last year. “

Rachael SparksProfessional Life Coach www.InnerSparkConsulting.com

“It was time to stop saying I wanted certain things when my actions and choices were not aligning with those things.  I had to get honest with myself, and Barb provided a firm but loving “container” in which to face this duality… I couldn’t stop my pattern of running / avoidance until I faced my pattern of running / avoidance.  Excavating this led to my being able to release the triggers that would set me off, and instead stay calm, present, and grounded in terms of making mindful and conscious decisions.”

Ivy SlaterBusiness Coach & Mentor www.SlaterSuccessCoaching.com

“After some introspective processes that utilized my intuition and took fear out of the equation, I was brought to clarity. It was so empowering for me to make a powerful choice and stick to it — using tools to fortify my resolve and not second-guess, as I usually would have…. The thing that strikes me most about this work has been recognizing how much of my success, or lack thereof, goes on ‘between my ears.’ ”

Lesli BitelBiz Coach for Nutrition Practitioners www.LesliBitel.com

“Even more important was the progress I made in my mission and powerful focus.  We started with exploring the “big why” for my business, which was based on who I am personally and how I want to show up in the world.  This deeper work started showing up in my marketing and services, and even transformed how I run my programs.  For me, it all started with working with Barb on my clarity, focus, and authenticity.”

Carl Dierschow
Values-Based Business Coach www.SmallFish.us

“Through Barb’s gentle and clear guidance combined with some powerful process work she facilitated, “trust” became my mantra for this past year.  It sounds simple but it was much deeper and more profound… quite radical actually. It began infiltrating everything in my life and I found myself working happier, knowing that it’s not all “life or death” and… lo and behold, business didn’t suffer. In fact, I hit some pretty big “bests.”

Joanna KennedyPassion and Intimacy Expert www.HappinessLoveAndPleasure.com

“When others notice real shifts in you as a person, it’s hard not to feel the energy or excitement that comes from such a validation. And this is so much more meaningful to me than the validation I’d always gotten from my “achievements.” The self-worth I have cultivated from coaching with Barb has set the foundation for attaining the peace and happiness in my life I have been searching and searching for. And I’m achieving the things that I now know are coming from my TRUE desires rather than what I believed was expected – and that ain’t bad either!”

C.S.VP Consumer Products, <br>Major Film Studio

“The things that hold me back in my personal life are present in my business life as well. In stepped Barb…brilliantly navigating the path toward not only my successful business, but also toward a deeper more connected relationship with myself, my dreams, my desires, my fears, and my authenticity than I had ever experienced before.  Without Barb’s love, support, persistence, tenacity, and compassion, I don’t know when, if ever, I would have found the strength, the courage necessary to go after these things, let alone the belief that I could have them.  And now I do!”

Kathy CiteraTransformational Life Coach<br> www.KathyCitera.com

“Barb helped me to champion myself, recognizing that my voice wanted to be heard and supporting me in developing the courage to speak. I learned that the nervous energy I’d feel was letting me know how important my vision really was, and I learned to embrace it, rather than to shrink. I know now that every time I get that feeling, it’s a gift from my soul, telling me I’m on the right track.”

Casey ShiversYour Health Detective ™ www.IAmWellCoaching.com