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Barb Wade’s

Professional Women’s Roundtable

Straight Talk about Self-Advocacy, Success, Boundaries, and Balance in a spirited and confidential forum for high-performing women.

When I was working in Hollywood, as an executive at DreamWorks, then VP’ing the next megastar for Bill Gross’s Idealab, I had a life that looked amazing…

Yet in truth, I was burning the candle at ALL ends… stressed to the max, distracted in my most valued relationships… and completely stuck in the glass house I’d built.

So I left the job, ready to re-claim myself and my life.

And guess what happened?

I found out I was the problem.  
Or rather, conditioning was the problem.

Whether I was soaking in the hot tub, or hiking Topanga Canyon, or desperately attempting morning journaling, I was still the same person.

I had to learn to get UNDERNEATH all of the subconscious messages I was living into…. the anxiety, doubt, and relentless self-judgment.

And along my journey, I discovered the millions of other women buying into the same external expectations, “shoulds,” and wrenchingly limited definitions of success!

But I’ve cracked the code.

Now, with 23 years as an Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, along with an MA in Spiritual Psychology, I’ve culled the best of the human potential movement, neuroscience, soul-centered education, leadership development, holistic wellness, and positive psychology, and rolled it into an unparalleled program of change.

To get started, I invite you to grab:

“Banishing Burnout: 7 Journal Prompts For High-Octane Women To Reclaim Themselves”

Take some quiet time with the journal for reflection… you deserve it. 

Allow the insights to arise.  Meet yourself in these pages.  Read and respond from the heart…

I can promise you a journey of powerful discovery and some tangible next steps in the arena of true self-advocacy.

"After many introspective processes that have utilized my intuition and finally taken fear out of the equation, I am brought to clarity again and again."

Lesli B.

CEO, International Health Consulting Company

"I’ve done therapy, seminars, retreats, etc., but this is the first time I’ve gained the self-assuredness I’ve longed for. She pushes me to question why I think and do things, and guides me to author a different path forward on my own terms."

Laura S.

SVP Mortgage Industry

"I’m excelling at a highly-demanding career while finally enriching my quality of life with boundaries, self-care, non-judgment, and personal advocacy."

Marie S.
Senior Producer,

Entertainment Industry