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What a pleasure it was to speak for you!

Here are some helpful resources for you to evolve and rise in Career, Life, and Leadership…

“The Burnout Breakthrough” Ebook
Barb’s “Self-Advocacy Manifesto”
Invitation to January 2024 Professional Roundtable

From prime-time television actress to DreamWorks department head to Executive Coach and Speaker for over 23 years, Barb Wade knows how the incredible power of mindset can leave you drowning your sorrows in a sea of potato chips, or becoming a ninja dream chaser. Her unique approach integrates cutting-edge neuroscience, positive psychology, holistic well-being, and the full spectrum of human potential, and she’s been featured on ABC, NBC, Thrive Global, CBS News, and was the on-air Executive Coach for the Fine Living Network for 8 years. Barb works with courageous clients from around the globe who aren’t willing to settle for less than what matters most.

"Barb enabled me to find the confidence to renegotiate my career role and end up with a more senior position but a reduced time commitment, resulting in more time for my personal life, win, win!"
Emma Tiffin, M.D.
"Barb’s coaching was pivotal. She was instrumental in not only helping me make significant leaps in revenue, but also in developing my personal brand and defining the focus of my business."
Sabrina Starling - The Business Psycholgist ™
"When I learned the tools Barb taught, I took responsibility for my choices, let go of limiting beliefs, and became a better leader, both professionally and in terms of my SELF-leadership, too."
Nancy Duenkel, Marketing Agency Owner
"Barb helped me define my vision for my career and position how I could add value to an organization. She helped me prioritize my values, and choose something that would truly meet my needs."
Debra Mazloff, Change Mgmt. Consultant
"We crafted a plan of action, which resulted in me finding a wonderful job where I am paid more yet work less; through our work I developed much better self-worth and overcame my fear of change."
Stephanie Kolman, Attorney
"I am showing up very differently… with clarity and a newfound confidence. And my career and personal live are thriving! I am being recognized, truly valued, and tangibly rewarded in both."
Juliet Dillon, Mortgage Production Mgr.
"From working with Barb, I’m starting to discover the origins of my fears and biases, and the deeper motivations behind certain behaviors. I’m gaining a sense of self-assuredness that I’ve longed for."
Laura Schreiber, SVP People & Process
"Barb’s work generated a HUGE turning point in my own self-confidence, plus I navigated a program launch, a book launch, and all the marketing/sales of those huge endeavors with grace and efficiency."
Apryl Schleuter, CEO Training Company
"I could NEVER have achieved what I did in such a short amount of time without her brilliance, unwavering support, and the partnership she has formed with me!"
Dr. Kimberly Miller, Psychologist & Trainer
"Barb’s ability to break it down, to reframe, and to remain positive when I struggled with meeting the next challenges in my life kept me moving forward."
Debra Horberg, Attorney

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