Hello beautiful.

You’ve checked so many boxes, I know. And you’ve worked so hard. You’ve achieved so much and you spin those plates so masterfully. And yet, this supposedly “wonderful” life doesn’t feel so wonderful…

I get it.

I work every day with brilliant women who are under-fulfilled overachievers. Women who’ve learned to evaluate self worth against all the wrong things, like the money we make, the status of our relationships or families, the appearance of our bodies. It’s about the size of our homes, the holidays we take, and the number of certificates lining our walls.

All those things that mean we’re good, we’re successful, we're doing it “right.”

So we push. We accomplish. We spin that hamster wheel faster and faster striving to be the best — everything! Partner, parent, colleague, community activist, meal-planner, yogi, leader, friend… 

And yet it never cures the ache.

Instead, we’re left with a yearning — a yearning for something we can barely even express, other than to say it’s not what we have. Not this.

This is where coaching together comes in.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about reclaiming yourself. It’s about kicking fear, self-doubt and self-judgment to the curb. — the insidious saboteurs that are born of societal indoctrination about who you should be.

It’s about discovering today’s authentic dreams, priorities, and values — based on who you are right here right now — sprung from your unique story, what you’ve learned and discerned on the road to this very moment.

No justifications, no apologies.

It’s about proudly designing a life that fuels you, rather than depletes you. Shouting, “This is what I am committed to creating, and I will no longer settle!” And then creating it.

Whether it's deeply yearned-for outcomes in the areas of love, work, health, finances, passion projects, lifestyle, family, and more… you’re dancing your dance regardless of who’s watching!

And as you forge this juicy, delicious existence, perfection is no longer the yardstick with which you measure. Rather, it’s about knowing you have the strength and savvy to handle those times you're all too human, and then refocus yourself on your next best step. The new you chooses trust over fear. Weaves obstacles into opportunity. Has genuine hope for your future, because you love yourself that much.

You love yourself.

Imagine that...

My Role

As your coach, I am your mentor. Your muse. Your confidante and champion. I’m your challenger, and partner in uncovering your deepest desires for yourself. I’ll help you discover who you are here to be, and take the action, with accountability, to become that person.

I will shine a flashlight when you need it most. If that’s a little uncomfortable, then great! You know the gold lies untapped beyond the edge of your comfort zone. It’s just you haven’t had the confidence to travel there and claim it.

Not yet.

Not ‘til now.

I’ll create a personalized map with you, knowing when to push you further, slow you down, speed you up and re-route you when detours arise I will laugh with you and celebrate your wins. I'll hold space for you when you feel tender.

Surrender to this process and I promise you’ll develop an unflinchingly loving relationship with yourself. No matter how unlikely or far away that feels right now.

And that relationship will unlock everything else — all those things you’ve almost stopped hoping for. Let me tell you, those things are back on that list, and right at the top of it!  Buckle up, because we’re going to make your dreams unfold. 

Our Coaching Relationship

We meet regularly, over phone or video, for confidential, deep-dive coaching sessions. You can relax and trust and explore and uncover, knowing you will make it where you want to go (even if you don’t know exactly where that is yet).

We’ll be focused on breakthroughs and insights. On new awareness. We’ll shift your world view. I’ll give you the tools to tap into that courage and creativity.

Coaching is deeply transformational, but it’s also very tangible. We’ll define inspiration-driven commitments and action steps for you to take between sessions. Everything we agree on will move you measurably forward in building the life that you want most.

We will create magical, practical, unexpected, intentional, uproarious, poignant change… the life you’ve been looking for.

But that’s not all. I’m your partner 24/7. This means we will likely connect between sessions too. When you have news to celebrate, or an assignment to clarify, or hit any stumbling block, I’ll have your back. (No waiting a week or two to regroup). There’s no limit to my accessibility or commitment.

Plain and simple, I’ve got you. We can do this. Together.