It was a whisper at first…

This is not the life I ordered. 

All this sparkle? This success? It’s just a trick of the light… 

Even now, with all that you have, you ache for more. You're retracing steps – forensically analyzing every turn that led you into this seemingly happy life that feels half-lived.

You’re cast in the leading role that was supposed to assure you glory — wonder woman cape flapping in the breeze, the audience applauding your every move. But they don’t see the messed up lines and mistakes that loop in your mind those sleepless nights, imagining 30 more years of this… wishing for a different story.

Everything you thought you wanted leaves you wanting.

But wanting what?

And what if I told you it’s okay? All of it.

This fear

This endless pushing

This secret sadness

This impatience

This yearning for more

Because here’s the thing. Sometimes the scaffolding we build to reinforce our status quo becomes the prison that entraps us. The safety we cling to is the very thing that holds us captive to dreams that no longer exist. Decisions and goals that might have made sense once but they don’t any longer and you haven’t dared admit that aloud…

When you surrender to the idea that a fiercely loving relationship with yourself is the secret to happiness, joy and contentment, everything changes.

Self-love frees you to create those magical and fulfilling and expressive things that you truly want most.... no more "shoulds."

Self-compassion allows those times life's difficulties bring you to your knees... and yet you still feel worthy.

Self-advocacy is the key that unlocks a new dance with risk-taking where there can be no wrong steps.

Hi, I’m Barb Wade.

I help achievement junkies whose shiny lives don't feel so great on the inside. Who, despite their accolades, spend their days secretly comparing and people pleasing and perfecting and self-criticizing and numbing – all in a desperate attempt for control and maybe a little happiness.

And after finally easing off the pedal they've been pushing their whole adult lives, these women reclaim themselves and SOAR.

You deserve to live life in full delight of your being. You’re worthy of attending to your deepest needs as if your life depended on it (because it does!). You’re here to chart a unique, fascinating, and shamelessly self-honoring course through all your precious, remaining days.

Unabashedly. Unflinchingly. Unapologetically. You.

I’m starting to discover the origins of my fears and biases, and the deeper motivations behind certain behaviors. I love the way Barb balances empathy and accountability—she is gentle, but NOT easy! She pushes me to question why I think, feel, say and do things, and guides me to author a different path forward on my own terms.

Laura Schreiber
SVP of Training and Communication
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