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It’s your time. Right now. Time to step into the life you were meant to live. It’s why you’re here (my site) and why you’re HERE (as in on the planet).

There are sooo many ways we can work together to rev up your confidence, ignite your business mojo, and create wild and wonderful windfalls of clients and cash-flow. (I’m a gal who likes choices!).

Where do you want to start? …
Private and Small Group “Wealthy Business: Rich Life” Platinum Coaching
One-Day Private “Quick Results VIP Intensive” with Follow-Up
The 6-Figure Biz Academy
Turning Conversations Into Clients
The “Get To Yes Formula” Mastery Course

Private and Small Group
“Prosperous Business = Wealthy Life” Platinum Coaching

Imagine having dedicated, focused time committed to catapulting your business to new heights.

Better yet, imaging having that time with a coach, mentor, and partner who understands exactly what it takes to open the floodgates of clients and income… WITHOUT compromising your priorities!

There’s nothing I love more than the intimate, laser-focused time spent with my private and small group coaching clients. This high-level commitment gives you the most individualized attention from me and quite frankly – I’m here to treat your business as my own.

This means I take exceptional care to give you the straight scoop — to teach you the most effective strategies and techniques that are going to get YOU the results you’re looking for.

I know what works, and I know what doesn’t. And I know the fastest ways to get there.

My private and small group clients report:

  • Making big, big money (much more than their investment in coaching)
  • More confidence and clients than ever
  • Crystal clarity about how their business supports their lifestyle
  • Designing kick-butt programs and packages that are irresistible
  • Breaking free of prior limitations
  • Unbridled optimism and creativity
  • An avalanche of referral partners, joint ventures, and other support
  • Having FUN with enrollment and sales
  • Massive list-building (and of ideal clients, too!)
  • Doubling and tripling their income
  • For the first time, feeling unstoppable

Trust me, the depth of the results we can accomplish is simply astounding.

So how does this work?

Well, if you’re ready to focus, take direction, stretch outside your comfort zone, grow grow, grow, and not settle for less than your dream business, then contact my team for an Application.

One-Day Private “Wealthy Life VIP Intensive” with Follow-Up

Let’s spend an entire day together jammin’ on your most immediate business needs – and send you off with a customized plan to make it happen!

That’s right, we’ll spend a focused day specifically designed around the strategies and know-how that will get you the most clients the most quickly… so you can start enjoying a wealth of time, impact, freedom, and income right now.

For newer business owners, we might:

  • powerfully define your market niche and ideal client
  • craft the most compelling way to speak about your services
  • create your unique Signature System
  • package and price your flagship offerings
  • create a detailed Client Attraction Plan that includes both offline and online strategies
  • design a lead-generating website that builds you a “list”
  • define the specifics of the business you’d like to grow
  • generate a basic business model for the next 12-18 months

For more experienced business owners, we might:

  • create an advanced Client Attraction Plan
  • define the next 12-18 months of offers, programs, launches, list-building activities, etc.
  • produce a comprehensive 12-18 month marketing calendar
  • drill down into designing a particular launch from A-Z
  • create an influential talk and the accompanying strategic “upsell”
  • define your Strategic Alliance / JV outreach plan
  • design a Telesummit, Gift Giveaway, or other large-return list-building initiative
  • revisit and upgrade your online presence and free irresistible offer to more effectively generate leads
  • determine and plan out the most influential social media tactics to send new clients knockin’
  • catapult your conversion rates by learning the most psychologically influential enrollment strategies and customizing them to your business
(Truthfully, these aren’t even comprehensive lists – in reality, the sky’s the limit!).

And approximately 1-2 weeks following your one-day VIP Intensive, you’ll have a follow up coaching session to share progress, ask questions, and further commit to your awesome plan.

My clients report feeling “high as a kite” after these special days… and often share that “the time flew by.” But most importantly they leave these sessions inspired, clear, and ready to make their mark (stand back!).

If this sounds like just what the doctor ordered, then click here for more information and to submit your application.

The 6-Figure Biz Academy

I want you to imagine…

… knowing exactly who your ideal clients are and where to find them

…having irresistible packages and programs that your people will buy

… being able to easily enroll these folks in your services, regardless of price

… leveraging your time so you can make more money and reach more people without killing yourself

Yes, imagine what your life would be like if you had an awesome business you love AND the freedom and flexibility for the things that are most important to you.

Sound like your cup of tea?

The 6-Figure Biz Academy is a 6-month, “deep dive” program for service-based business owners who are ready to make their businesses really work – and by that I mean easily and consistently attract the people you’re meant to help for the fees you’re meant to charge and in the hours you’re willing to dedicate.

Not only will you learn extremely detailed strategies and tactics for achieving “ka-ching” results (and we’re talkin’ about the stuff that’s working TODAY), you’ll also learn how to have unshakeable confidence, joy, and enthusiasm about your work – making you absolutely magnetic!

Click here for more information and to submit your application.

Turning Conversations Into Clients

  • Do you struggle to attract clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth?
  • Do you fumble and stumble during an exploratory conversation, or get tongue-tied stating your fees?
  • Are you sinking HOURS into conversations, only to hear “I wish I could but I just can’t afford it?”

People are predictable. They obviously are intrigued by what you offer and truly need your help – otherwise they wouldn’t be talking to you. It’s their FEAR that holds them back!

Once you know how to help them “over the bridge” into understanding what’s possible – and why they can’t afford NOT to move forward – working with you becomes a natural next step.

That’s why everything comes down to this crucial, one-on-one conversation with you – and you’d better ROCK IT.

So come learn the specific insider strategies for how to be influential with integrity – and to turn an “exploratory conversation” into a resounding “YES, let’s get started!”

… no matter where you are in your business… and regardless of price!

Turning Conversations Into Clients is offered semi-regularly. Please email us for info about the next session.

The “Get To Yes Formula” Mastery Course

Once a year, Barb, along with 21 award-winning guest trainers, covers every topic “under the sun” related to marketing, promotion, client attraction and sales.

And for this I’ve declared a “no fluff zone.”

Instead, full of actionable strategies and techniques from those who have done it themselves, it’s a peek into the minds of multiple 6-and-7-figure business experts!

And it’s completely FREE!

(Yep, you read that right!).

Our 2015 “Get To Yes Formula” Mastery Course is slated for mid-January 2015.

If you’re on my mailing list, you’re golden – all the needed info is headed your way!

If you’re not (besides the obvious question “why not?”), just email us your interest and we’ll be sure we’ve got you covered.

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