barb-wadeFrom financial disaster to over 6 Figures in less than a year…

How did she do that?

Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade walked away from a career in Hollywood working with Steven Spielberg in order to create the life and business of her dreams despite the economy crash of 2009.

Is she crazy or brilliant?

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  • Booked $13,700 of New Business in 1 Week!

    “Barb helped me to create my own super robust signature business coaching signature program, which has ultimately resulted in my own clients being able to successfully build their own thriving businesses doing the work that THEY love. As a result, I booked $13,700 of new business in one week!” More Stories…

    Lesli Bitel
  • This Process Works: I’ve Signed 7 New Clients!

    There is no doubt that my greatest confidence boost is in the area of client conversion. The enrollment discussion as Barb scripts it is so critical to success in signing potential leads and converting them to clients. It’s a process that works! Since working with Barb, I’ve had 13 enrollment discussions and I’ve signed 7!”  More Stories…

    Tassey Russo
  • Booked $33,000 in Business in 4 Months, Selling at Her Highest Price Point Ever

    “Last year I had a pretty meager income, around $15,000! Right off the bat working with Barb, I started to see a very high rate of closing sales. Within 4 months, I actually booked $33,000 in client sales! And I’m selling at the highest price point ever. If you might be considering working with Barb to just trust her… to help you get to your dreams and to get to your most abundant and vibrant self.” More Stories…

    Julie Serot
  • Booked 35 (!) Participants Into My Group Program for a Total of $37,000 in Revenue

    “I just had my biggest, most successful launch ever in huge part because of Barb’s mentorship. I booked 35(!) participants into my group program for a total of $37,000 in revenue!  And at this point, 2 have already signed up for the next, higher-priced step (and I expect more will do the same!).” More Stories…

    Joanna Kennedy
    The Passion Expert
  • I Now Expect to Exceed $10,000 Every Month

    “I am now converting most of my conversations into clients! Within 6 weeks I had 6 new clients enrolled in my 6-month program. All but 2 of them paid in full up front. I had my first 5-figure month last month ($10,240)! And that’s after only working with Barb for less than 3 months.” More Stories…

    Judy Wolvington
    Career Coach
  • 31 Participants in My First Group Training

    “…within a couple of months I put together my very first complimentary training (as a client attraction technique), and not only was it overbooked (31 women attended) but from it I got 13 requests for one-on-one strategy sessions and from those, several women signed up for my coaching! last week I had 5 consultations and booked 4 of them, and this week I had 4 consultations and booked 3 of them.”  More Stories…

    Cheryl Gittens
    CTA, MCC, ICF, CDC Coach
  • First Month Breaking $30,000 Just 2 Months After Starting My Work with Barb

    “Barb guided me through the entire launch process which resulted in 19 paying members in this program! I had my first month of breaking $30,000 for the month just 2 months after starting my work with her, based on her direct coaching and strategies. I‘ve also raised my fees by 55% — and will end this year with a 75% income increase from last year.” More Stories…

    Dr. Sabrina Schleicher
    Business & Marketing Coach
  • Did $12,000 in Business with 7 Clients in 2 Weeks

    “My business was fairly non-existent before I started coaching with Barb.  I only made about $4,500 in 2014. I was stuck in overwhelm most of all. Barb really helped me start to grow my business and get clients – not just get people following my blog. Now I’ve more than doubled my rates and I’ve booked $12,000 from 7 clients in 2 weeks!  I wouldn’t be where I am without having had Barb’s support…”

    Misti Patrella



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